Free Computer Disposal

Do you have old computer equipment you’d like to dispose of? From laptops to PC workstations, we offer a secure, safe computer disposal service to help you free up space and remove old PC equipment from your office or home without the inconvenience of doing it yourself.

We specialise in computer disposal and recycling, with an environmentally friendly approach to disposing of used IT equipment. Our experienced technicians are also experts in data removal, allowing us to securely remove all data from your computer equipment before disposal.

From Apple hardware to PC workstations, tablets, printers, scanners, faxes and other workplace equipment, we offer free disposal services for an extensive range of devices. You can find more information about our hardware disposal and data destruction services below.

We Dispose of a Wide Range of Computer Equipment

We offer disposal services for a wide range of different digital equipment, from workstations and laptops to tablets, cameras and other specialised equipment. All of the items listed below can be disposed of through our service without any fees:

● Laptops, including Apple laptops such as the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.
● Tablets, including Android tablets and Apple tablets such as the iPad, iPad Air and iPad Mini.
● PC workstations and Apple desktop computers, including Apple iMac hardware.
● Computer monitors, keyboards and other hardware, peripherals and some desktop computer accessories.
● Unwanted or unused telephones and office networking equipment.
● Cameras and camera accessories, including lenses, lighting equipment.
● Projectors and PC audio equipment.
● Electronic point of sale (EPOS) equipment.

Our Computer Disposal Process

We take an environmentally friendly approach to computer disposals. Our expert team follows the guidelines issued by the Environment Agency to ensure your PC equipment is disposed of with minimal harm to the environment.

In order to minimise our impact on the environment, our team aims to recycle as much of your old PC equipment as possible for use in new builds.

Data Destruction

We offer a complete data destruction service and will securely and safely remove all of your existing data from your computer equipment.

Our experienced team specialises in PC data destruction. When you use our free computer disposal service, we’ll completely erase all of your private data from your hardware, ensuring that your private personal and/or commercial data is secure and destroyed.

On request, we can provide complete legally-required data destruction paperwork to give you full confidence that your private data is 100% wiped and irretrievable.

Dispose of Your Old Computer Hardware

Do you have computer equipment you’d like to dispose of? From individual laptops, PCs and accessories to large amounts of computer hardware, we can dispose of your PC equipment in an environmentally friendly, secure way.

By disposing of your computer hardware through our service, you’ll reduce your environmental impact and contribute to the development of new equipment. Our disposal service is available to individuals, businesses and organisations in all industries.

To learn more about our disposal service, please contact us today. We can provide personalised service to make disposing your desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices and other hardware as easy and convenient as possible.