Laptop & Computer Recycling Manchester

Do you have old laptops and IT equipment you’d like to dispose of? Our laptop and computer recycling service lets you dispose of your old computer equipment with ease, all while earning the maximum cash value for your unused or out-of-date technology.

You’ll also be able to minimise your environmental impact by saving your old IT equipment from being discarded, helping you run a greener, more environmentally friendly business.

We specialise in laptop, computer and smart device recycling and can reuse many of the parts from your old IT equipment in new devices. Our team also uses a full data destruction process to keep your personal data safe, secure and out of the hands of third parties.

Based in West Yorkshire, our facility is near Manchester, making it easy for Manchester-based businesses, organisations and individuals to use our service.

We Recycle a Wide Range of IT Devices

We offer disassembly, disposal and recycling services for a wide variety of IT devices, from PCs and iMac desktop computers to laptops, smart devices, printers, scanners and other equipment found in modern offices. The IT products we recycle include:

● PC and Apple laptops, ranging from consumer laptops to high-end, professional quality hardware, ultra-portable laptops and more.
● Tablets, ranging from all Apple iPad models to Android tablets and other mobile devices.
● PC and Apple desktop computers, including iMacs and all-in-one PC workstations.
● Computer monitors, accessories, peripherals and other equipment.
● Routers, telephones and other office networking equipment.
● Cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and other photography accessories.
● Projectors, displays and other PC audio equipment.
● Electronic point of sale (EPOS) equipment.

Our Data Destruction and Recycling Process

Our computer recycling process lets you maximise the cash value of your used PC equipment while reducing your environmental impact and eliminating the risk of your personal data ending up in the wrong hands.

We completely remove all data from any PC equipment we receive. Our process complies with the latest ISO 27001:2013 standards, meaning your business will be completely compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 when you recycle your PC equipment through us.

Our team specialises in data removal and can securely remove all of your user data from your desktop, laptop or other device to eliminate the risk of it being accessed by third parties.

If required, we can provide the legally-required paperwork you need to prove that your data was completely eliminated from your old computer equipment.

Once we’ve removed your data from your computer equipment, we’ll disassemble it and identify parts that can be reused in new hardware. Parts that cannot be recycled are disposed of under the guidelines issued by the Environment Agency to minimise your impact on the environment.

Throughout the process, you’ll be informed of the amount of cash you can expect from your old laptops, workstation PCs and other equipment. In addition to cutting your environmental impact, your business or organisation could earn a significant amount from the sale of your old devices.

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