Laptop Repairs

Unfortunately, computers can develop faults. Even though they're machines built to last years, whether it's through a fault of your own or you've spotted an error that came as a result of the manufacturer's error, there may come a time where you need to get the laptop professionally repaired.

Here at Sell Your Laptop, we have an experienced team of computing specialists who are able to perform computer laptop repairs. All you need to do is pop your laptop into a secure box and post it to us. Then, we'll work our magic (whilst ensuring that the data on your PC is protected) and send it back to you; fully-functioning and free from the original fault.


Can you repair my laptop?

Because our team have worked within the computing industry for many years, we're able to perform laptop repairs on a wide range of devices. So, if you've spotted one of the following faults, our team of specialists are able to resolve the issue:

Liquid damage to the screen or other components
Laptop not starting or a lack of power
Damaged USB or charging ports
"Blue screen of death"
Virus, spyware and malicious software removal
Data recovery
Overheating laptop


Popular manufacturers

Some of our laptop repair specialists have worked for big-name manufacturers previously. This means that we carry out laptop repairs based off the manufacturer's guidelines and ensure that your machine is able to be safely repaired with no risk of further damaging the laptop.

Just a handful of the brands we're able to perform laptop computer repairs on are Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. However, we work with several different manufacturers and are confident that we'll be able to repair your machine - even if the brand is not listed above!


Data protection

We understand that laptops used for both commercial and personal use can contain sensitive information that you wouldn't like to fall into the wrong hands. From personal photos to details that could potentially breach the data protection for your customers, our team are passionate about protecting your data when sending your machine to us for a laptop repair.

For that reason, all of the machines that we work with are protected against data breaches. You can rest assured knowing that we won't intrude on your personal files; in fact, we simply complete the repair, test that the fault has been removed and send it back to you as soon as we can.